Student Check In Webinar

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Increase campus safety with secure & real time check in

Flexibly track any activity outside the regular schedule

Simplify Extracurricular Attendance Tracking and Reporting


The Check in feature was really instrumental for us, it puts our mind at ease knowing that all our students are accounted for.”

Lea Smith,
Associate Principal

FAQs on Student Check in

No. But when managed correctly it’s easy to see where students were assigned to go once they left the classroom.

Never. Minga Check in only reports when a student checks out of class, and back in. We do not physically track students whereabouts, ever.

This is Minga’s only current module that requires the use of a Digital ID in order to scan and identify students upon arrival and departure.

Currently Minga does not do visitor check in or verification but this is Coming Soon to Minga.

The answer is yes, technically. The Check in module can tell you which students are accounted for at what time. So by creating a recurring daily schedule, students are able to check into their period blocks upon arrival. Although Minga is not a substitute for your specific classroom attendance. We are able to report on periods such as first, second, lunch and so on, but not specificities like whether or not a particular student should be in Senior Math during 3rd period, only that they attended 3rd period.

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