Minga Case Study

Golden Valley High Masters Daily Operations With a New Campus Toolbox

Explore how Golden Valley created a learning environment where every student thrives. By enhancing campus safety, reducing administrative burden, and increasing parental involvement, the school has significantly reduced D and F notices and fostered stronger student relationships.

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The Challenge 

Paper-Based Processes Were Creating Too Many Inefficiencies

Like many schools across the US, student IDs and paper hall passes at Golden Valley High were a mess — getting lost or forgotten all the time. Additionally, the school was flying blind without any data on the comings and goings in the hallways. This lack of transparency surrounding campus movement, combined with cumbersome paper-based processes, was throwing a wrench in day-to-day operations and causing considerable frustration among administrators.

It was clear to Principal, Kevin Swartwood, that Golden Valley needed to hit the refresh button to get things running more smoothly across the campus — to make daily life easier and more enjoyable for both the students and his team.


The old system of paper IDs and hall passes was disorganized, causing inefficiencies and disrupting daily activities

Admins were getting frustrated with archaic, paper hall passes

Students were forgetting or losing their IDs all the time

Printing IDs was cumbersome

No visibility of who was going in and out of the halls

Kids would lose their IDs all the time, or say ‘I forgot to bring it today.’ But they never forget their phones. We were also having a huge issue with the hall passes you put over your neck. They were constantly disappearing and being mismanaged — not just by students, but by teachers too.”

Kevin Swartwood, Principal
Golden Valley High

The Solution

A Suite of Digital Tools That Empowers Administrators

Faced with the inefficiencies and disorganization of their paper-based ID and hall pass systems, Golden Valley High looked for a better solution. What initially drew them to Minga was the student-created digital hall pass, which streamlined the process by removing the need for teacher approval, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

The first step for the school was the implementation of the Digital ID and Hall Pass modules. Once these tools became part of the fabric of daily operations, Golden Valley was positioned to expand its use of Minga. They entered their second year of using the platform and adopted a more holistic approach that now also incorporates the Behavior & Rewards, Check In, and Community modules.

This comprehensive suite of tools — that seamlessly work together — has boosted efficiencies across various departments.

What Minga Offered:

A student-driven digital hall pass system

A reliable digital student ID

A comprehensive hall pass dashboard, with real-time monitoring

Simple management of tardies and cell phone violations

Easy event check in, planning, and promotion

A behavior guidance system that notifies parents in real-time

Robust behavior reporting

I love the Behavior Manager. I love that in real time, when a teacher assigns a guidance, the parent is notified. This helps our team, and it helps our parents — instead of waiting till the end of the day — to hear about their child. I feel like that has been very successful.”

Kelly Silva, Intervention Coordinator
Golden Valley High

The Outcomes

Student Engagement Skyrockets While D & F Notices Plummet

A Comprehensive Campus Management Toolbox

Consolidating software tools has enhanced operational efficiency and created synergies across departments — ensuring smooth, daily operations

Boosting Engagement and Reducing D and F Notices

Principal Kevin Swartwood believes that efficient management of hall passes and tardy policies through Minga has boosted student engagement — leading to a notable decrease in D and F notices.

Streamlining ID Management

Digital IDs have reduced the need for printed IDs — saving time and money — with physical IDs reserved only for students lacking access to a cell phone or their 1-1 device.

Improving School-Parent Communication

Minga has significantly improved school-parent communication with real-time updates, fostering a stronger community bond by keeping families well-informed about their children’s school life.

Saving Time for Educators

Automation of processes like hall passes and detention management has reduced administrative tasks, allowing educators more time for teaching and supporting students.

Empowering Student Accountability

Student-created hall passes have minimized classroom disruptions and enhanced accountability by enabling students to independently manage their movements.

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We’re trying to reach those kids that don’t necessarily go to events and activities. Because they need a reason why. Now, student involvement has increased with rewards. These kids want to be on the leaderboard – they want to be number one.”

Laura Fragulia, Activities Director
Golden Valley High