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How Desert Oasis High Consolidated its Fragmented Toolset with Minga’s Campus Management Platform

Chris James is a Minga Superstar, dedicated to creating a safe, and inclusive environment for students on campus. This year his focus is putting students first, and he’s using our Campus Management Platform to do so.

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About Desert Oasis High School

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The Challenge 

Previous Workflows Were Cumbersome — Admin Staff Found Themselves Scrambling for Information in Multiple Places

Chris went into depth about their lack of understanding around student movement and flow, especially during non-instructional times. Examples of such situations included students loitering on campus after hours, lunch flow, popular hallway traffic times, etc.

There was no efficient way of collecting, understanding, or managing non instructional routines. Lack of organization was affecting the planning of large scale events, and all out of class endeavors.

Managing hall passes was an issue for DOH as students were misusing bathroom passes and going over their allocated time slots. Moreover, given the large student body, DOH also had to grapple with how to handle limited restroom facilities and hallway capacity.

Students would sometimes forget their IDs, and Desert Oasis High needed a reliable ID that everyone had access to for times when students might not want to wear their lanyard like athletics or dances.

Desert Oasis High School and the Clark County School district also wanted to increase the safety and security of their campus and were searching for a means to do so as well.


Admin scrambling for information in multiple tools

Limited restroom facilities and hallway capacity

Lack of knowledge of whos on campus

Inefficient ways of managing extracurricular activities

Wanting to grow safety and security on campus in a tangible way

Lack of organization when planning any out-of-class necessities

Forgotten IDs

I can promise you that when you get to level with Minga, you’re able then to spend less time working with pencil and paper and more time working with humans.”

Chris James, Activities Director
Desert Oasis High School

The Solution

A Simple, Modular Workflow That’s Easy for Staff and Students to Adopt — Making Time-Consuming and Ineffective Processes Obsolete

Desert Oasis High School paired several modules together in search of the perfect tool to help them manage their campus.

Students Check in and out everyday, and if they have reason to be on campus after instructional hours for any extracurriculars they are checked back in accordingly. It’s important to Desert Oasis High to know who is on campus, and if they have permission to be there.

Digital Hall Passes have made it easy for DOH to coordinate hallway usage, and when paired with Check In, have given some serious insight into student flow and movement on campus. Because of the live timer connected to Minga’s Digital Hall Passes, it’s far more difficult for students to inappropriately use their hallpasses, now more than ever.

Students now have access to a valid student ID on their mobile device at all times, they are experiencing no more forgotten IDs and an increased feeling of safety at events where students don’t require their lanyard identification.

Now that all campus management functions are integrated into a single digital platform, there is less room for error and a simplified, consolidated workflow. Bye, bye paperwork and time-consuming protocol, as tasks are now automated and can be completed immediately. Hello to a new and simple approach that enables the management of extracurricular activities both within and outside the regular schedule, through the combination of all Minga modules.

What Minga Offered:

A student-driven digital hall pass system

A reliable digital student ID

A comprehensive hall pass dashboard, with real-time monitoring

Easy event check in, planning, and promotion

If I were to describe Minga to someone else I would say it allows us to more efficiently collect, understand, and manage all non instructional parts of our campus, extracurricular, athletic, performing arts, everything essentially that’s outside the classroom.”

Chris James, Activities Director
Desert Oasis High School

The Outcomes 

Minga facilitated campus communication and management, creating a safer, and more involved campus, that puts their students first.

The Check in feature alone has eliminated any campus loitering after regular school hours which in turn has helped with overall campus safety. Scanning students’ hard copy or Digital IDs is quick and easy, especially knowing it’s now impossible for students to forget their IDs.

What’s even better is that there is a live digital record of their attendance, departure time, and even overall participation in events over the course of the year, accessible at any time, in Minga. Having all these reports on one platform ready to export and at your fingertips saves staff a lot of hours.

This tool paired with Digital Hall Passes has functioned to provide valuable information in regard to student movement and flow on campus. Desert Oasis has seen huge cut downs on hallway traffic, and pass misuse this year. Chris told us about how they assign bathroom passes that are only valid for specific restrooms across campus.

Now when specific facilities are under maintenance, admin is able to communicate this information in the hall pass portal, and restroom passes will automatically redirect students to the proper facility, reducing their time spent out of class. This is just 1 use-case where Digital Hall Passes have exceeded expectations for DOH.

Through the combination of all modules, with a heavy emphasis on Check in, Digital IDs, and Digital Hall Passes, Desert Oasis High School has managed to transform the way they manage their campus, into what is now efficient, organized, and fostering a safer environment for everyone.

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