Minga Case Study

Bear River High Increases Student Engagement With Digital IDs

Activities Director Jessica Lee spearheaded the launch of Minga’s Digital Student ID Cards at Bear River High School. With full adoption of all modules, the Minga ID unlocked student engagement reports that helped her reach her participation goals.

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About Bear River High School

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The Challenge 

Struggling to Re-engage its Student Body Since Covid-19

Jessica grappled to determine which events were more popular than others, making it challenging to plan successful school activities. Despite a dedicated team of leadership students, promoting and managing spirit initiatives was becoming increasingly difficult. Social media engagement was low and many students were uninformed. Jessica knew something needed to be done to improve the situation.


Lack of student engagement data

Little awareness around events and spirit days

Ineffective communication between leadership and student body

No record of event attendance

No data on which students need more attention

Hassle of reprinting IDs and managing validations

I can promise you that when you get to level with Minga, you’re able then to spend less time working with pencil and paper and more time working with humans.”

Jessica Lee, Activities Director
Bear River High School

The Solution

Minga’s Digital Student IDs

By adopting all of Minga’s modules and placing the Digital Student IDs at the center, Bear River High was able to unlock its student engagement potential. The school made use of various tools and functions offered by the IDs, such as:

Student IDs Digital Reports
Because of the quick and easy ability to scan students into events, Jessica is able to access information on which students attended events, as well as their arrival and departure times.

Completely Scannable
The ability to scan students into events, and everyday activities using the barcode on their Digital ID has been revolutionary. Using a regular scanner or just through the Minga app on any device.

Connect Student IDs with Hall Passes
Minga’s Digital Hall Pass is connected and accessed directly through a student’s Digital ID. Managing and keeping kids out of the hallway means they spend more time engaged in class.

Assign Specific Privileges
Being able to assign privileges to students through their Digital ID is really convenient. All updates are active in real-time and can be customized to things like lunch passes, honor roll, ASB all access, and more.

What Minga Offered:

A student-driven digital hall pass system

A reliable digital student ID

A comprehensive hall pass dashboard, with real-time monitoring

Easy event check in, planning, and promotion

If I were to describe Minga to someone else I would say it allows us to more efficiently collect, understand, and manage all non-instructional parts of our campus, extracurricular, athletic, performing arts, everything essentially that’s outside the classroom.”

Jessica Lee, Activities Director
Bear River High School

The Outcomes 

Digital IDs Have Opened Many Doors and Created a New Sense of Synergy

Because of their new ability to easily access and analyze student engagement data, they’ve been able to increase their levels of participation exponentially. Students are driven to the app because their Digital Student ID lives there, then once activated they see messaging around events and activities and are urged to complete polls with important spirit and scheduling questions. This has increased awareness and has greatly facilitated communication and community.

Gaining reports on student attendance, participation, behavior, hallway time, and more, has completely changed the game for Activities Director, Jessica. She is now able to see what’s working and captivating the student body as a collective, and what engagement measures and incentives need a revamp. Identifying students who are not participating allows Jessica to intervene and provide support to those who may be feeling discouraged and disconnected from the school community. Lastly, they’ve been able to avoid the printing and reprinting of physical IDs this year, which has saved time and funding for Bear River High School.

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