Student Balance

Living a balanced lifestyle is extremely important and maybe the key to having student turnout at big events. Most of the time, homework is not the reason students are missing out on school events, but sometimes it is, which means it’s worth trying to remedy or work around. 

One way to promote school work/fun balance is to remind students of upcoming events far ahead of time so that they can prepare accordingly around it. This will aid them in finishing their homework before it is too late. Another way to take action is to ask educators to not set important deadlines the day after extremely large or important events. Although it might not be possible to cater to everyone, this trick will still help those numbers rise. Lastly, we recommend advertising events (announcements, Minga, posters, etc) with the right language. Sentences like “Make sure to get all your school work done before Thursday so you can attend…” or “Have you been procrastinating on your studies this week? Well get it together before Wednesday so you can see all of your friends at our famous…”, can be super helpful to reminding students to find that balance in their schedule between classes and spirit. 

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