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Digital Hall Passes
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Decrease vandalism and vaping

Have students spend more time in class

Set up specific group hall pass restrictions


Digital Hall Passes are working really well for us. We don’t have kids hanging out in the bathroom like they used to. If they don’t have their Minga pass we send them back to class to get one so I think the accountability is working out really well.”

– Stephanie Cowperthwaite,
Campus Liaison

FAQs on Digital Hall Passes

No. But when managed correctly it’s easy to see where students were assigned to go once they left the classroom.


If your settings are enabled for students to create their own passes you can also manage how many passes they can create in a day. This way students who abuse the system will no longer be able to create their own passes.

No, as long as the hall pass has been approved you will be able to identify what hall pass has been created, how much time is left and which student it has been assigned too. This is all done through the dashboard.

Never. Minga Hall passes only track when a student checks out of class, and back in. We do not physically track students whereabouts, ever.

Funny you should ask. Check it out here:

Teachers love digital hall passes since it frees up their time and they can focus on teaching more.

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