SmartPass Flex vs Minga

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Discover why schools prefer Minga over SmartPass to effortlessly manage high school flex periods that offer personalized learning paths.

Evaluate the difference between Minga’s FlexTime module and SmartPass Flex

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Seamless integration with a comprehensive campus management solution that offers digital IDs, hall passes, tardy and behavior management, check ins, and a communication platform

Keep students in the loop about available flex periods through school-wide announcements or SMS messages.

Quick creation of templates for recurring flex activities

Pairs with easy-to-use tools for managing check ins and tardies, with robust detention automation features

Flexibility to use FlexTime for detentions, and integrate with consequences for tardies or other behavior issues

Quickly schedule high school flex periods and activities and effortlessly manage student registrations

Establish class limits for better management of activity slots and to encourage timely sign-ups

Control which activities are available based on class lists or keep sign-ups open for everyone

Students can self-select which activity they’d like to attend, which can be overridden by teachers at any time

Analytics on attendance and no-shows provide valuable insights for making informed choices about how well flex period programs are working

Complies with FERPA, COPPA, CSPC, and SDPC student privacy standards

Access through a web browser (laptop, tablet, or mobile), iOS native app, and Android native app

Evaluate the difference between Minga’s digital hall pass and SmartPass

Minga surpasses SmartPass Flex by combining all school management needs into one engaging platform​

What schools are saying about Minga FlexTime

We are having far fewer issues with ‘Flex Block’. Now, I have my ‘Flex Block’ template, and once I have all the people assigned, I just duplicate that for the week. And then, we’re done! Minga has taken what was quite a chaotic time by nature and design and given a layer of order to it all.

Josh Rutherford
Houston County High School

How does Minga FlexTime compare to SmartPass Flex?

Organizing flex periods easily, plus so much more

Minga does more than just help with flex period scheduling; it gives schools a full set of tools to make everything run smoothly, so teachers can focus less on paper pushing and more on helping students succeed. That’s why 1000s of schools prefer Minga over SmartPass—it’s got everything they need in one place.

Minga unites a variety of tools that effortlessly smooth out school operations​.

Digital IDs

Check In

Hall Pass

Tardy Management

Behavior & Rewards


Event Management

Easy high school flex period management means highly personalized learning — leading to greater student success

With a set of digital solutions that work together flawlessly, Minga offers the whole package for schools to effortlessly manage their operations.

Syncs with digital student IDs for easy check in

Simple for admins, with no more manual scheduling or intervention

Teachers can easily assign activities to students and automate scheduling

Ensure students receive personalized support and learning

Attendance management made easy with built-in check in tools and reports

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