Securly Flextime Manager vs Minga

Find out why schools are switching

Discover why schools prefer Minga over Securly to effortlessly manage high school flex periods that offer personalized learning paths.

Minga FlexTime vs Securly Flextime Manager

Evaluate the difference between Minga’s FlexTime module and Securly Flextime Manager

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Every school or district is assigned a dedicated customer experience manager

Effortless integration with a comprehensive campus management platform

Let students know what flex periods are available with an integrated communication platform for school-wide announcements

Easily create activity templates for flex periods that repeat over time

Integrates with robust check in and tardy management tools that effectively streamline attendance with automations

Use FlexTime not just for scheduling but also for assigning detentions, with the added capability to link it to disciplinary actions for tardiness or other behaviors​

Quickly schedule high school flex periods and activities

Limit activities by rosters, availability, and class size, or leave enrollment open

Have the choice of assigning students to a particular activity, or let them self-select, with the ability for a teacher to override this

An easy way to keep flex periods organized and see which ones students have signed up for

Attendance and absence analytics to assist with data-driven decisions about the success of flex period offerings

Access through a web browser (laptop, tablet, or mobile), iOS native app, and Android native app

Complies with FERPA, COPPA, CSPC, and SDPC student privacy standards

Evaluate the difference between Minga’s digital hall pass and Securly Flextime Manager

Minga goes beyond Securly’s Flextime Manager capabilities, delivering a more integrated and holistic experience across all campus operations.

What schools are saying about Minga FlexTime

Prior to Minga, we had no way of knowing [who was attending make-up classes]. We didn’t have an accurate record at all but I would guess we were below 15%. After we’d implemented FlexTime for only about eight weeks, we were at over 40% of that make-up time having actually been made up!”

Finance and Resource Director
Anne Ortiz
Edge High School

How does Minga FlexTime compare to Securly Flextime Manager?

A flex period scheduler, plus so much more

Minga goes beyond just FlexTime scheduling to offer an all-encompassing solution for campus management. The platform is designed to empower educators to spend less time on admin and more time on student success. This broader appeal is precisely why many schools favor Minga over Securly, recognizing its capacity to cater to a wider array of operational needs.

Minga brings together a seamless suite of features that streamline campus workflows with ease – including not only a FlexTime manager but also additional modules such as:

Digital IDs

Check In

Hall Pass

Tardy Management

Behavior & Rewards


Event Management

Easy high school flex period management means highly personalized learning — leading to greater student success

With a set of digital solutions that work together flawlessly, Minga offers the whole package for schools to effortlessly manage their operations.

Syncs with digital student IDs for easy check in

Simple for admins, with no more manual scheduling or intervention

Teachers can easily assign activities to students and automate scheduling

Ensure students receive personalized support and learning

Attendance management made easy with built-in check in tools and reports

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