Why Digital Hall Passes are a Necessity in 2022.

So you’re still handing out hard copy hall passes in the middle of class? Digital Hall Passes are one the easiest alternatives to paper passes that have come out in the last few years. Teachers and students are now able to assign hall passes directly from their devices without interrupting class time. Minga’s Digital Hall Passes even keep a record of hall pass usage and time spent out of class in one central dashboard. Sounds too good to be true? There’s more, Minga has compiled several reasons why Digital Hall Passes are a must-have this semester.

Digital Hall Passes
  1. Overuse of paper passes has always been a concern. With digital hall passes you can create daily and monthly limitations for the entire student body, or even a specific student. This way, no one can abuse the hallway pass.
  2. Data on Digital Passes is showing intense, tangible reductions in vaping, vandalism, and general debauchery across schools in America.
  3. Digital passes can be scanned straight from a student’s Digital Student ID showing exactly how much time is remaining on their hall pass. It also shows what the hallway pass was assigned for, and who approved it.
  4. When you switch to digital hallway passes you can create “no party groups” which prevents certain combinations of students from leaving class at the same time.
  5. Having a complete dashboard that records students’ reasons to be out of class, and time spent in and out of class is extremely valuable, not only for student stats and data but more importantly for campus safety. The important thing to remember is that Minga does NOT track students’ whereabouts but only their time spent out of class and the reason for it. This increases safety by providing a real-time list of students who are not in class as well as allowing designated staff the ability to see which students have expired passes.
  6. Lastly, it’s more convenient for teachers AND students to go digital. Students always have their phones and teachers can assign students hall passes at the click of a button on any device.

Let’s face it, innovation is key in education and it’s time to upgrade this year and go digital. If you’re interested in learning more about Minga’s Digital Hall Passes and what they can do for you click here. Don’t forget to stay updated on all of Minga’s current posts through Twitter and Instagram.

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