What is a Minga?


Minga… it’s an interesting word.

But more importantly… it’s an interesting idea. 

In the real world, Minga is a collaborative effort in which people contribute their time, their work, their motivation, or their knowledge to achieve a shared goal for the betterment of the community. Every contribution, no matter the size, is received with gratitude. The roots of a minga are from Ecuador where entire villages or tribes would come together to address and solve a problem. Leaky roof? Call a minga. Time to bring the crop in? Call a minga. Every member of the community rallies together to fix the issue or get the job done. Weather you are doing manual labor, providing food, caring for the children or gathering tools – every one has a role and every role is equal and respected.


When we were creating our new product/company, we immediately thought of a minga. We just slightly adjusted the definition so that it was relevant to the digital world; a space dedicated to creating an amazing culture and connected community. People share their time, their work, their motivation, or their knowledge to reach a goal that betters their community. School communities consist of students, teachers, parents, administrators, support staff and curriculum partners.

Minga is a platform designed for schools. It is…

  • a communication app to elevate social connection
  • a tool to engage the school community around culture programs
  • a platform to deliver and measure SEL curriculum

We know that there are educators and leaders out there who want to make a positive impact in their school. Not just through books and grades, but by building strong students who are happy and confident as they move through their education. And we think that being able to call a minga sounds like a good idea.

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