Verizon blocks Remind..or did they.

A couple weeks ago Verizon announced it would block the popular education messaging service Remind…or so that’s what it appeared.

In fact what happened is Verizon told Remind they were going to charge them a spam fee for sending their messages over Verizons SMS network. This cost would have to be passed on to someone but nobody pays for Remind so who?

Technically Remind uses another service called Twilio to send it’s messages over the global SMS network and unfortunately a lot of text message SPAM services also use Twilio, so Verizon is actually trying to reduce text messaging SPAM for it’s customers, which is a good thing for us regular folks.

So, should you be concerned? Well, if you rely on Remind as a method of communicating with your students or parents, then probably. At some point, this is going to come up again for Verizon, but also for other carriers, as they try and reduce and control text messaging spam.

In the end, Verizon backed their dogs off and said they would exclude Remind from the current announcement, for now. They gave no commitment and made it clear apps like Remind aren’t going to survive long in their current model.

It’s great that Remind is free for teachers, but unfortunately this means it’s not going to be reliable. What happens when Remind runs out of money? What are you going to do?

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