Minga School Communication App

A better way to digitally engage, learn and communicate with students and parents.

Tools teachers need. Safe. Free.

Organize and manage your students. Inform and involve parents. Streamline your online tools. Save time. Have some fun.

Accessible Anywhere

Download the app on your phone or log in from your computer. Use from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Simplified Communication

As easy as texting, as stylish as Instagram™, as fun as Disneyland™, as safe as Fort Knox.

Wonderfied Messages

Create beautiful and effective messages with hundreds of design ideas and templates in Minga Studio.

Keep Parents In The Loop

Informed parents are happy parents and happy parents let you do more of what you love to do, teach your students.

  • Invite parents to your private and secure Minga
  • Share updates, announcements, photos, events and more to your Minga Feed
  • Streamline and manage direct messaging with parents

Organize and Manage Your Classroom, Club or Team

Minga makes keeping a group of middle or high school students organized easy, safe and fun.

  • Create a calendar
  • Push announcements and reminders
  • Share additional learning resources like videos and presentations
  • Manage multiple groups and classes in one place

Teaching Digital Wellness and Citizenship

Prepare your students for a life online in a private, safe and moderated social networking environment.

  • Practice posting, commenting and engaging digitally
  • Educate on the risks of sharing data online
  • Reinforce and promote positive, intentional behavior
  • Learn ways to deal with negative or harmful content

Resources To Make You Successful

Check out our large collection or training resources to ensure you’re successful. Get started on our YouTube Channel with dozens of short videos that walk you through each step of your journey to becoming a Communication Ninja!