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Message and manage your classroom. Engage your students and families. Create positive online skills.

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Minga is perfect for school, at home or in the hallway. Creating a safe, positive online community for our teachers, students and families has never been more important.


Minga for Teachers

All your communication
tools in one place.

Safe, Simple, Fun and
Engaging for everyone.

Choose from hundreds of
beautiful templates in Studio™.

Amazing Tools For Teachers

Send messages. Share learning resources. Post updates. Build a calendar. Create content. Everything you need in one place accessible from any device at any time.

Minga is a great teacher tool
Minga is for Educators

Build Positive Online Experiences

Minga is a safe and positive place to build digital relationships between students, teachers and families. It’s also an amazing way to help students in grades 5-12 develop healthy and positive online skills.

Keep Everyone In The Loop

Share classroom updates to your Class Home Feed and keep your students and families in the loop on what’s going on. Post pictures of today’s activities or updates on next week’s trip. Informed families are happy families.

Minga is for Schools and Districts
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Resources To Make You Successful

Check out our large collection or training resources to ensure you’re successful. Get started on our YouTube Channel with dozens of short videos that walk you through each step of your journey to becoming a Communication Ninja!


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