Stressed out already?

Summer is behind us, school is officially in full swing, and the stress may already have you counting down the days until winter break. Don’t worry you’re not alone! For your sanity’s sake, here are a few teacher tips to manage times of stress and remind yourself why you love being a teacher!

1) Tick tock

Be fair to yourself. Set a time to leave school and stick to it.

There will always be more work for you to do by staying late at the school. Choose a reasonable time that you will never stay past and commit to going home. Personal boundaries like this will help you manage your stress and ensure that you are energised each day to teach your class.

2) Share the love

Do at least one inspiring thing a week with your class.

Teaching at times can be tiring, frustrating and downright stressful. But planning one inspiring activity throughout your week for you to do with your class will remind you why you decided to become a teacher in the first place. Choose something that personally puts a smile on your face and lets your passion become contagious.

3) Capture the moment

Keep a journal full of your favorite student moments.

You might claim to have the memory of a dolphin, but the truth of the matter is that you will have many wonderful moments with your students and they will likely begin to blur together. Whether these are heart-warming or just downright hilarious – having these memories right at your fingertips will allow you to cherish the best of times.

4) Be the student

Seek out mentors.

Is there a more experienced teacher you admire in your school? Then talk to your principal about organizing a time where you can sit in on their class to observe their style of teaching and note down your favorite takeaways. Mentors are excellent resources on everything from classroom engagement, stress management and relationship building.

5) Be ready for nothing

Prepare emergency substitute teaching plans.

This one will be a relieving pay-off down the road! There’s nothing worse than waking up feeling awful, calling in sick and THEN having to plan a lesson for you to email the incoming sub teacher. Now, send your pre-prepped email, and get back to sleep for some much needed shut eye.

Have any tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below.

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