Social Media Built for School

A safe and appropriate place to build positive and healthy digital relationships.

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are dangerous places to connect and engage students, staff and parents.

Privacy Issues

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat do not meet Federal or State requirements for student data privacy and protection.

Safety Concerns

Public Social Media is a dangerous, confusing and inappropriate place for relationships between students, staff, parents and admin.

Lack of Controls & Reporting

How do you know your school communication is working when you don’t have any controls or reporting on engagement?

You can create a safe and intentional place to connect and engage with your school community.

safe social media for schools

Social networking
for schools.

Minga gives you all the benefits of social networking without the risk and liability. Connect everyone in a collaborative social environment that promotes healthy digital relationships between students, teachers, admin and parents.

Let everyone share the good things about your school and improve communication and engagement at the same time.

Digital Citizenship
& Wellness

Everyone lives in Minga by their real name to encourage accountability and remove the anonymity. Through experiential learning, members are educated on how to be good digital citizens and how to be a part of the online and social world.

Minga teaches digital citizenship

Private & Safe

Minga is a private platform that meets the safety and privacy requirements of schools and other public institutions. An AI-based moderation engine automatically deletes inappropriate content and you own the data and can delete unwanted content at any time.

Minga is a safe and secure school app

Organize School
Teams & Clubs

Groups by Minga let’s all your school teams, clubs and even classes stay connected and organized without the need for other apps like Facebook Groups, Teamsnap or WhatsApp. Keep all your school communication in one safe and intentional space.

Groups on Minga; the best place for school groups