Build An Amazing School Climate And Culture

An amazing school culture starts with amazing school communication

School Culture Delivered Digitally

Welcome technology into your school in a way that improves climate and culture. The Minga Program engine automatically inserts curriculum into your school feed to maximize the positive effect and impact it has on your school community. It’s community promotion combined with SEL for your whole school!

Connect to Your Community

It can be very challenging to engage students with social and emotional content. The content might not be “cool” or might be uncomfortable for an individual to discuss a topic like mental health or school bullying publically. Minga gives students and staff the opportunity to engage with these topics privately.

accessible minga

Plan & Deliver All Year

Pre-designed programs covering everything from Kindness and Inclusiveness to Digital Citizenship and Mental Health. Minga provides a digital avenue to meet your objectives. Strategically schedule programs throughout the year. Measure engagement and participation through the reporting console.

Minga programs

Let Us Do the Work

Creating a plan and strategy for improving climate and culture for the whole year is time consuming, difficult and can be expensive. School leaders need a way to create a plan that lasts across months and implement it in an effective and reliable way that doesn’t require a whole team of people.

digital programs to improve school culture

Minga lets you deliver SEL and cultural programming to your entire school easily and consistently.