Minga VS Smartpass & E-hallpass

 Smartpass & E-hallpass VS Minga

Find out why schools are switching.

Compare the Minga Hall Pass to Smartpass & E-hallpass. Our sleek and functional design has set an industry precedent that cannot be beaten.

Integrate into every Student ID card

Monitor total time outside of the classroom

Monitor every hallpass with our central dashboard

Increase hallway and campus safety

“The Hall Passes work a million times better than our old school paper ones, it just automatically enters everything and accurately counts and keeps track of our kids. Let alone the fact that the training was super easy.”

– Julia Pocino Bonita High

Digital Hall Pass Module on the phone app

The proof is in the pudding, see how we compare to Smartpass & E-hallpass

Minga stands out from its competitors, Smartpass and E-hallpass, with an impressive array of powerful features. Its modular-based platform not only offers Digital Hall Passes but also an extensive range of other remarkable tools. From efficient communication and collaboration to sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities, Minga provides schools with a comprehensive solution. The chart below presents a comparison of Minga’s key features and advantages against Smartpass and E-hallpass, illustrating why schools consistently opt for Minga as their preferred platform to streamline operations and elevate campus safety and security.

smartpass digital hall pass
e-hallpass digital hall pass

Dedicated customer experience manager assigned to EVERY client

for premium members only

ID123, High 5 ID, smartpass, e-hallpass

Follows FERPA, COPPA, CSPC, and SDPC student privacy standards

ID123, High 5 ID, smartpass, e-hallpass
ID123, High 5 ID, smartpass, e-hallpass

Additional Modules beyond Hall Pass and Digital ID

ID123, High 5 ID, smartpass, e-hallpass
ID123, High 5 ID, smartpass, e-hallpass

Iphone, Ipad and Android app available

Pass Limits and Restrictions

Student Analytics Dashboard

Minga could be your new one stop shop.

Minga is a multi faceted platform that offers a variety of modules, Digital Hall Passes being just one of them. Here’s a list of things we offer that the competitors don’t.

School communication app for K12 and high schools
Community & Communication
Digital Student ID card from Minga
Digital Student IDs

Are you ready?

Learn more about how the Minga Hall Pass can optimize the way you run your hallways. Sign up for a demo here or check out our Digital Hall Pass page to gain insight into our game-changing platform.