Minga Is Your School Spirit App.
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Introductions for Admin, Teachers and Families

Administrator Introduction

A quick introduction for school leaders that covers the benefits of Minga at your school in addition to the safety and privacy features of Minga.

Family Introduction

A resource to send home to parents that outlines why their child is using Minga in addition to how the privacy and safety features of Minga keeps their kids safe online.

Teacher/Staff Introduction

A quick introduction for teachers, staff, coaches and advisors at your school that covers what it is and how it can be used to help manage and organize extracurricular groups and activities.

K-6 Introduction

A quick introduction for teachers, staff and parents at your school that outlines how it can be used to support learning and connect with families in the early stages of their child’s education. 

Media For You To Share

Minga Challenges Library

Here are 40 great Challenge ideas to run with Minga. All the resources you need to get started are here.

Posts for Instagram

Ready to go teaser content to help introduce and launch Minga with your community.

Hallway Poster

A ready to print poster to put up in your school with download and login instructions for your students.

Guides & Manuals

Minga Demo Guide

Run a fun and engaging Demo of Minga with your class (ASB, Leadership, Activities). This guide helps keep you on track and on point.

Coach & Club Advisor Guide

A guide outlining how to use Minga to manage and organize a team or club at school. This includes managing your schedule, keeping parents informed and sending updates and announcements.

Single Sign On Guide

Learn how Single Sign On makes rolling Minga out to your entire student and staff community easily, safe, and secure by authenticating them into Minga with their existing Microsoft or Google accounts.

What do our schools have to say?

Meet Bonnie at San Marcos High School

Read up on how San Marcos High School uses Minga to manage and organize all the clubs, teams and other student groups on campus.

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Some Great Words From Ryan at Irvington High School

Learn how Irvington High School uses Minga to build a connected community on campus between students, educators and families.

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