Minga School Communication App
Minga versus Remind. Which is better for connecting and engaging with students and families?

Tired of class size limits that make it hard to engage all your students? Do you have sticker shock after looking at a Remind plan? Minga has more features, is easy to use, and if you need to upgrade has very affordable plans.

Minga vs Remind

Larger Class Sizes

Support up to 500 people in a single class in Minga.

Create Better Content

Don’t just send messages, send engaging messages!


Upgrades starting at $499 per year.

The BIG Differences. Minga versus Remind.


Remind: Sending one-way messages to a group of students or parents, usually over text message (SMS).

Minga: Connecting teachers, students and parents together in a collaborative online community to share messages, improve engagement and drive learning outcomes.


Remind: Free for class sizes up to 150. $$$$ to upgrade. Sending mass text messages is very expensive. Because of this Remind’s paid plans are very expensive to cover the text messaging expenses of the free users.

Minga: Free for class sizes up to 500. $ to upgrade. Minga does not rely on text messaging and instead sends messages primarily via the Minga App and over email. Minga is free for group sizes up to 500 and upgrading starts at $499 per year.

Minga vs Remind
Minga is a great teacher tool

Collaboration and Community

Remind: Remind is great for sending messages but starts to fall short when it comes to building an online community or collaborating on school activities or in class learning topics.

Minga: This is where Minga really shines for teachers and schools. It’s all about engagement, collaboration and community on Minga. Messaging, comments, posting, sharing, discussion and so much more. Minga is a place to build healthy and positive digital relationships between teachers, students and families.

All Your Digital Tools In One Place

Remind: Remind is a great solution for sending out broadcast messages to your community, but you’ll still need a bunch of other tools for video collaboration (think Flipgrid), graphics design (like Canva), social media (your Instagram or Facebook account), virtual classroom (such as Google Classroom) and more.

Minga: Streamline everything down to one platform. Share and collaborate with videos, design and create content with Minga Studio, shut off your Instagram account, and share curriculum, learning topics and files. All in Minga.

Minga is for Schools and Districts