Registration Day Tips

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and overworked on registration day? Frustrated with the student photo and ID process at your school? Well have we got a solution for you. 

Minga has been analyzing registration day for some time now, asking teachers and advisors what they think needs improvement and where we can help. After several years of watching and listening we’ve found a solution that can help take some stress off of everyone’s back. 

Introducing Digital ID’s at your school is the only registration day tip you will need to solve all of your frustrations. No more printing ID’s at registration day, and no more photographers frantically taking first day pictures. 

Each student will have a digital ID ready to be accessed and pre-set up from their phone, where they can be granted the ability to temporarily update their own photo (or use last years) until their official picture day. This will save so much time and stress on registration day and give students the ability to check in anywhere immediately upon attendance. 

Go to to learn more about what Minga’s Digital student ID’s can do for your school, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for daily advisor content!

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