A start-any-time school platform we want every school to be a part of.

Minga is an annual subscription. Standard subscriptions begin Aug 1 and end July 31 of every year. Start anytime – your first year is pro-rated based on start date. We want Minga for every school so contact us with any questions or for suggestions on funding options.

Want Minga for all the schools in your District? Contact us to learn about multi-school discounts.

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Annual Subscription

Social Networking & Engagement Platform


Surveys, Polls & Voting

Groups by Minga

Events Calendar

Engagement Tracking & Reporting

Program & Curriculum Engine

Moderation & Filtering

Live Webinar Training


MingaLite 100


MingaLite 500










We’ve got you… success only happens when we are all successful.

Startup Training Session…

to walk you and your team through the launch of your Minga. “How-to” program digitally delivered to your Minga to guide you along.

Guided Implementation…

to ensure you start off on the right foot. Step by step steps to get you moving forward quickly and easily.

Technical Support…

to help with… technical things. If something is an issue, we’ll trouble-shoot the problem to get you a solution.

Success Managers…

to help schools and school leaders meet their goals. A dedicated Minga member to work with and provide best practices for success.

Online & Phone Support…

to assist you when needed. Questions or feedback or ideas or challenges – we are here to help.

News & Webinars…

to deliver the latest related to the product and the industry. Every couple of weeks, we’ll share with you.