Track Involvement and Spirit Points Expansion Pack

  • Easily measure student involvement and engagement.
  • Create fun and positive competition on campus with Spirit Points.

Enable the expansion pack to get started

Enable the Involvement Analytics Expansion Pack in your Minga settings to get started. If you would like to create a bit of competition we recommend grouping your students and staff into teams. Creating teams is simple using the Minga People Tool, you can filter by grade or role, or upload an entire list.

Spark excitement through your school community by enabling the Public Leaderboard, which will update in real time as students complete challenges and check-in to events and activities.

Create opportunities to earn points.

Points can be assigned and rewarded for completing Minga Challenges, checking into Events and Activities or responding to Polls that have been shared in your Minga.

A successful Spirit Points program at school is also a simple one, so let’s not complicate it. Minga makes it clear to everyone how they can earn points and how their participation impacts their individual and team standings.

Students love earning points and rewards.

Instant feedback is a critical part of an effective rewards system. Minga makes it fun and exciting for students whenever points are earned (confetti anyone?) and auto-magically updates the school leaderboard.

Students have access to their spirit history, outlining when and how they have been awarded points. Minga also allows them to see how their peers are doing to boost the desire to achieve!

Show off your school leaderboard.


Keep the competition going by showcasing your school Leaderboard during announcements, school TV broadcasts, during assemblies and throughout your hallways.

Run monthly contests for students to win prizes, bonuses towards their grades or a chance to win the title of “Principal For a Day”. In order to really motivate students, recognition from their peers and community is key.