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Teacher Welcome Presentation

Teacher’s Welcome Presentation – Intro

Welcome to Minga. In this series of videos we will walk you through the various Minga modules…

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How to Sign in to Minga

Signing in is quick and easy with Google or Microsoft Single Sign On. No usernames or passwords to remember…

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Quick Tour of Minga

Watch this quick tour of the Minga Home Feed, menus and key features to navigate Minga…

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How to use Minga Digital ID Cards

How to check your student’s ID cards, see club and access permissions with digital stickers…

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How to Create Digital Hall Passes

Learn more about the student driven Hall Pass workflows in Minga to reduce distraction…

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Awesome Community Content!

Minga is your one-stop-shop for all extra-curricular content. Designed to bring your community together…

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High School Points & Rewards Program

A points program created specifically for High School. Driving participation in your community…

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Tracking & Reporting a Behavior

Celebrate individual successes and track important data to guide students towards better choices…

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Thank You for Watching!

Thank you! We’re excited to see how you can create even more engaged communities…

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