Minga Version 7: Get Ready to Navigate Minga Like Never Before! 

Big news, Minga family! 🎉 Version 7 introduces new features and an enhanced user interface that is designed to give you a smoother, slicker, and more intuitive experience. We’ve listened, we’ve tweaked, and are thrilled to roll out these changes just for you.

*Expected release date: mid-April 2024

We’re here to make campus operations even more of a breeze with a new and improved user interface.

What’s been updated in Minga Version 7?

Enhanced navigation with side and top menus

Minga Version 7 introduces a sleek, redesigned interface aimed at improving usability and efficiency. Based on user feedback, significant changes include a new expandable side menu (primary navigation) and a restructured top menu (secondary navigation) to facilitate easier access to various sections. These adjustments are designed to reduce the number of clicks required for navigation, thereby speeding up user interactions within the app. 

An improved look on desktop and mobile screens for teachers and admins

Additionally, the navigation update optimizes screen space utilization, providing clearer visibility of features within each module for both desktop and mobile use. While the look of the menus has undergone significant changes in Minga V7, the core module workflows and page layouts that you are already accustomed to remain untouched.

Updated module icons

Common user feedback and a comprehensive analysis of other educational software have influenced a refresh of the module icon designs. An updated set of icons will aid users with easier recognition of different Minga modules when they are navigating the app.

Quicker access to IDs for students

The Minga student interface has also been updated for improved navigation. The menu system has been redesigned for more efficient access to student tools and quick steps to explore a student’s full Minga profile. These changes aim to simplify student interactions with Minga, making it quicker and more straightforward for them to find what they need with minimal effort.

Together towards tomorrow

Minga Version 7 marks a new chapter, crafted with dedication by our team, alongside valuable feedback from an incredible community of admins and teachers. This update is a leap forward, making the app more intuitive, inviting, and engaging for everyone involved. 

As we progress, we’re not just evolving Minga; we’re fostering a vibrant community poised to redefine the digital landscape in education. Together, we’re moving towards a future where digital integration in schools is seamless and transformative. Thank you for being on the journey with us — exciting innovations and a brighter horizon await!

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