The era of giving away
Student IDs is over!

Meet Minga, your new solutions partner for
Digital Student IDs and more.

We will support you with the tools and training to introduce and upsell Minga to your clients. The best part is, we handle the sales, onboarding, and set-up process for you.

Do more of what you love and focus on taking great photos while earning additional revenue for your business.

Partner with Minga

Do more of what you love.

  • When you partner with Minga you’ll dramatically reduce the service and costs tied with ID cards while introducing a better solution to your client.
  • As a Registered Minga Partner you’ll earn residual affiliate income from Minga for every school you introduce. You heard that right, we pay you to advance your business.
  • With Minga’s Digital Student IDs, printing physical ID cards is a risk you no longer have to take. 
  • No need to worry about extensive sales training, Minga is committed to their partners and schools and will handle all the demonstrations, training, setup, and support. 

Next Steps

partner with us

We show you what we have to offer, we will set up your partner portal and move forward together.

you photograph

Connect us with any schools you think are interested in our service and we will do the demos on your behalf.

we create

Minga onboards all schools and integrates our Digital IDs seamlessly, keeping you updated every step of the way.

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The Scanner works a million times better than our old school ID scanners. The training was super easy and we’re already seeing more involvement now that we started the faster process.”

Julia, Bonita High School, CA
Leadership Teacher

About Minga

Minga creates technology that helps school spirit soar. Our community app connects every student together in one platform where they can feel like they belong, have a voice, and are invited to get more involved. Minga is your one-stop shop for everything extracurricular at your school. You can talk about wanting better school spirit or you can start building it with Minga.