Minga Partnership Program

Are you looking for a better way to deliver your program, content or curriculum to entire school communities in a programmatic, effective and measurable way? Look no further.
digital programs to improve school culture

Rich Content

Deliver beautiful and engaging content with images, videos and more.


Connect directly with students and parents right on their mobile device.


Use surveys and polls to solicit feedback and engage your audience.


Schedule the delivery of content over the entire school year.

A few of our Program Partners

Connect Directly With Students & Families

With Minga we help you put your content in front of thousands of students and their families in a programmatic and engaging way. Each piece of content can be liked, commented, linked or shared to drive more connection.

Program Scheduling

Create long term messaging that is delivered to an entire school community over an entire school year. A single program can contain over 200 individual elements and they can be linked together or to approved outside resources letting families explore further from the privacy of their own device.

Minga programs
polls & surveys for groups, teams & classes

Interactive & Adaptive

Collect feedback, answer surveys, or drive further participation with a wide variety of interactive elements that spark exploration and engagement.

We paired our Character Strong Assembly with a Kindness Program by Minga and noticed a huge increase in engagement from our Student Body. Each week a different Kindness challenge was released on Minga and there was a very noticeable positive change on campus.

– Ria Devons, Litmann High School, School Counselor and Advisor

Community. Communication. Connection.