Groups by Minga

One place to organize and manage all your school groups, teams, and clubs.

There are about a dozen unapproved and unsafe apps
being used to manage groups at your school right now!

Groups by Minga is a powerful way to ensure the right people get the right message.

Sports Teams – School Clubs – Staff Groups – Graduating Classes – ASB

Group Messaging

A place for teachers and coaches to message, collaborate, and organize directly with their school group.

Group Schedule and Calendar

Share schedules, fundraisers, and other meet-ups with everyone in the group and track RSVPs. Reminders delivered to members.

Involve the Parents

Include parents to keep them in the loop, request volunteers, and directly share files and forms, and upcoming events.

Groups by Minga is an intentional safe space to easily communicate with and connect your school groups.

Last Minute Group Alerts

Post Announcements to your group for last minute updates or schedule changes. Everyone receives a push notification directly to their phone so you can be sure they get it.

Share Files & Links

Getting that permission slip or packing list out to all the parents can be a real hassle. Save the crumpled up paper handouts and upload your files directly to your Minga Group.

the best digital group calendar

Request & Organize Volunteers

We make getting help easy. You can post requests for volunteers and support right to your group and let parents and students sign up.