Minga School Communication App

Quick steps to get started with Minga

You’re only 10 minutes away from inviting your community into your new School Community One-Stop-Shop!

Create a new Minga

Minga is free for less than 500 members with one educator or group leader at the controls. For more than 500 members, or for a school-wide solution for your entire school community just send us a note and we’ll help you pick the right Minga.

Update your logo and details

Your Minga Profile is where you update the details about your school or group including name, address and most importantly, your logo. Your logo gets displayed in many places in the Minga app so make sure you use a high quality, square formatted logo.

Configure Minga Settings

Minga gives you very specific controls over how Minga is used, what features are enabled, and user role permissions. To get started let’s configure who is allowed to post and share content directly to your Minga Home Feed.

Create a Welcome message

Creating and sharing content is really fun with Minga. Let’s start by creating a Welcome Message that people will see when they first log into Minga.

Add someone to your Minga

There are a few different ways to add people to Minga. You can easily add lists or even let people create their own accounts by giving them a private code to join your Minga. Let’s start by adding a single person. They will get an email invite to join with their account details.

Create a Group

Groups are a place to connect and communicate with certain people in Minga. You can create a group for anything – an athletics team, club, field trip or grade level.

Minga has changed the way we connect with our students. Participation in activities and involvement in clubs is way up after rolling out Minga for our students.

– Barbara Chambers, Principal, Bakersfield, CA


Everything included. Minga. Training. Support. Shoulder to cry on.

We commit price will never be a barrier to building a school community so please contact us if you have questions.