Don’t Send That Email

It is more of a habit than anything. Schools have news to share so they craft an email and blast it out to their school community. And then there are more bits of news to share… so another email goes out. And wait, you really should remind everyone about the upcoming fundraiser so you guessed it – another email goes out.

I’m challenging you to say no to those emails. Why? Here’s just a few reasons:

  1. Students don’t read emails. Period.
  2. Parents are bombarded. Unless you have the perfect email subject line, it can get lost in their pile of messages.
  3. Emails are inconsistent. Different delivery days and times, too long/too short.
  4. Short lifespan. Unless that email is purposely saved/filed/starred, there is a good chance that it will never be read again.

Instead, post that content to a blog. Blogs can be a collaborate tool that allows different voices to share news, reminders, recaps and more with a larger audience. Train your community to consult your blog on a weekly basis for all of the latest bits of info. Delegate a few staff, teachers and students to be responsible for gathering the information and preparing it for publication. Blogs can become a living document that can be visited and revisited.

Better yet – use a platform (like Minga?) for your school communication. House your announcements, news, events, groups and all of those amazing pics of your school community in one spot. Simplify your communication strategy by employing one space for everything.

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