Digital Student ID’s

I use my apple wallet every single day. Every time I purchase something that is under $100 I use my phone to buy it. Can you imagine if checking into events was that easy? Instead of students stressing over forgetting their student ID, or their ticket to the event, they can be checked in through their Minga Account instead? We have simplified how students can do so with a digital, anti-fraud version of their student ID. Implementing digital student ID’s at your school has so many benefits:

  • Saves time during check-in
  • Facilitates ticketed events
  • Cuts cost of producing hard copy ID’s
  • Anti-Fraud system
  • Customizable ASB/Leadership stickers

Minga has so much to offer and this is just the beginning. To learn more about our Digital IDs Click Here, to request a Demo Click Here, and to stay updated on new features and fun educational content make sure to visit our Instagram and Twitter page.

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