Leadership teachers, Activity Directors, ASB Advisors we are talking to you! We know you have a million things to do at all times and this blog post is your reminder to delegate your work to your students.

Delegating can be difficult especially when you have so much to do and want it done in a specific way, but sometimes it’s best to let the students take the lead especially if you are working with upper grade level students. 

Start by assigning trustworthy students long term tasks, like weekly posts on the schools instagram, challenge ideas for every spirit day, ticket sales manager, art team, etc. Then proceed by giving short term positions to a different group of students as needed throughout the semester, who will wear many different hats to help you coordinate, plan, and pull off events.

Your leadership students should be your number one task force at helping you build school spirit from the ground up, and Minga should be their number one tool. Make sure to delegate this semester so you don’t wind up overwhelmed!

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