Creating an amazing virtual classroom

During this time of uncertainty where we must keep some physical space it’s so important for us to keep our communities together. Here are some tips on creating an Amazing Virtual Classroom to keep your classroom, club or even your entire school, connected together to share stories, encouragement and positive engagement.

Step 1. Create your virtual classroom or school with Minga. MingaSchool and MingaLite is now FREE to help our schools stay connected. Click here to create your free account and then invite your students, other teachers, and even parents to join. You can easily share content, curriculum, photos and videos with your entire group and encourage them to share as well. Let’s keep our positive classroom conversations going.

Step 2. Host the occasional video conference. Both Webex and ZOOM are offering their video conferencing services FREE to educators. Pick a topic and host a discussion or workshop. Create an event in your Minga and include the details to join your video conference and give everyone a chance to see some familiar faces!

Step 3. Share some positive things to do. There are so many resources available to share some positive activities with your students and their families. Check out Houston Kraft’s daily activities right now here.

Stay safe, close to your loved ones, and remember in times of uncertainty and fear the best thing you can do is to help someone who is struggling.

Much love from the Minga family!

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