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5 Ways For Teachers To Use Minga

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This quick bit of info is for: Teachers who are using MingaLite Group Owners in MingaSchools (groups, clubs, classes, and teams) Create events for tests, important assignments, or other events and deadlines that you want to ensure students and parents know…
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A Day in the Life…

In one of my many hours perusing the web, I came across an article from the Washington Post from 2014. And it made me stop and think. Do we really know what students go through? That was the point of…
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Must-Reads for Teachers

This one is for you, TEACHERS. We typically share lessons and learnings around engagement and communication and culture – but today we are giving you all a little something to put in your back pocket. Here are our picks for…
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The 3 Basics of Online Safety

folder_openLeadership, Teaching
Students are constantly connected to the world through the internet, their phones, and technology. There is a wealth of information out there, but it’s also scary to think some students may not understand internet safety. Here are some quick lessons…
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