5 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Spirit Days

There is a bit of a disconnect between students and teachers these days due to technology and how each of us process tech in different ways. Keeping students engaged and excited is becoming more and more difficult as technology progresses. Yet students need a sense of belonging and community now more than ever. 

This generation of students seeks a higher level of stimulation and are able to multitask at a faster rate than the one before it. That’s why when Spirit Day participation is declining it’s time to try something new, and that something is social media. Here are 5 ways to incorporate social media technology into your spirit days.

  1. Have students dress up for pajama day as per usual, but offer prizes for students who are willing to submit photos of their fun outfits to the school’s Minga home (or Instagram) page. Students will there vote for best costume and the top three win a prize!
  2. Have a day where all the sports teams dress up as different decades and post a poll onto Minga (or Twitter) for who the student body thinks did it best. 
  3. Have the leadership team live post onto Minga (or Twitter) a regular spirit day like school colors day + basketball tournament where they post photos of extra spirited outfits and keep everyone updated online during the big game. 
  4. Create a Snapchat filter for your new upcoming school event and when students are nearby they will be able to use the filter and send photos to their friends essentially advertising greater attendance to the event.
  5. At your next pep rally urge students to post photos onto Minga for a chance to be featured on the big screen projector! 

These are all super fresh ideas to keep students captivated and willing to participate in spirit days! These ideas are compatible with Minga which is a safe, private, and school-focussed social media platform where students can have peace of mind that their posts won’t be shared with the world but only their school.

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