5 Ways For Teachers To Use Minga

This quick bit of info is for:

  • Teachers who are using MingaLite
  • Group Owners in MingaSchools (groups, clubs, classes, and teams)

  1. Create events for tests, important assignments, or other events and deadlines that you want to ensure students and parents know about.
    • encourage your students to click “going” to the event so that they will get a reminder the morning of.
  2. Schedule Announcement reminders the day before an important event like a Midterm or important meeting.
  3. Invite parents to join your group and share photos and posts.
    • Minga content is a great conversation starter between parents and their children at home.
  4. Share important files like permission slips, forms, or handouts that students and parents can then download on their own at home
    • these files can live forever in your Minga and members will ALWAYS have access to them.
  5. Post weekly Announcements as a reminder of homework and due assignments.

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