You guys asked for some quick and easy spirit day ideas and we listened. Below we have a list of 10 spirit day ideas that you can use to help ignite spirit in your school and also help build community! These are not paired directly with the Minga app so anyone can use these but the Minga app can help boost any of these ideas to achieve more student engagement and excitement.

30 Days of Spirit is a three part blog series where we post 10 fun and achievable spirit day ideas each Monday for 3 weeks. This week is Elementary School, stay tuned next week for Junior High and the week after for High School. Let’s Go!

  1. Crazy Hair Day! – best hair in every class wins a prize
  2. Pyjama Day
  3. Bring your favourite book/toy to school day (make sure students write their name on them)
  4. Talent Show – students prep their best talents and perform them in front of the school
  5. Dance Week – students gather in the assembly to learn fun dances like the electric slide and every class performs in front of each other for 1st place.
  6. Rainbow Outfit Day – have students wear as many bright colored clothing items as possible. Fun and inclusive. 
  7. Culture Day! Students bring in something that aligns with their families heritage and presents it in front of the class (they can also use family photos if they don’t have the items)
  8. Funky Socks Day! Students wear their most fun socks on display
  9. Jump Rope Day! Add 20 extra minutes onto recess and have the whole school jump rope outside together. Fun and a great source of exercise.
  10.  Favorite Hat Day! Or crazy hat day!

We love to see people using our tricks in real life and seeing our clients thrive so let us know if you use any of these spirit day ideas and make sure to tag us or @AppMinga if you post onto socials! Linked here: Instagram & Twitter

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