What’s up folks! We’re back with another phenomenal list of ideas for Middle School/Junior High spirit days that are realistic and spark kids attention. Here we go!

  1. Once again… Funky Hair Day! You cannot go wrong with this one, get students to post their funky hair to social media and give out prizes for the most outrageous look!
  2. Dress Up As Your Favorite Cartoon Character – students will love this just make sure to let them know in advance so they can plan out their costumes and don’t get stressed!
  3. Musical Performance! Get students to perform in front of the school with their best musical talents.
  4. Cool Socks Day. You can’t go wrong with this one, it’s easy, affordable, and appropriate.
  5. Writing Contest. Get all students in English class to submit their favorite piece of creative writing to see who wins! Make sure to include prizes!
  6. Sports Team Recognition! Get everyone to dress in school colors and jerseys, but there’s a twist, every student that’s on a sports team will wear their craziest outfit (we’re talking tutus, bright colors, and party beads).
  7. Tie Dye Day! Have students wear tie dye, or take it one step further and make tie dye shirts together! 
  8. Tacky Tourist Day – get students to dress in their fav Hawaiin shirts, socks and sandals (preteens love the opportunity to make fun of vacation dads)
  9. Twin Day (or triplets) – have students partner up with as many friends as they want to wear the same outfits. Give out gold, bronze, and silver medals for best outfits at the end of the day!
  10. Decades Day! Although your students may not have been alive for any of the iconic decades they will love dressing up in vintage clothing. 

We hope these tricks are helpful and we’d love to see people contributing and benefiting in real life so let us know if you use any of these spirit day ideas and make sure to tag us @Minga.io or @AppMinga if you post onto socials! Linked here: Instagram & Twitter

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